About Us

Woodlawn Jewelry Co was founded in 2019 in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. Woodlawn is a historic neighborhood in Birmingham and is where creator of WJCO, Angela Santiago, resides. Having a heart for community and the people who live in Birmingham, WJCO serves to provide quality, handmade jewelry to our neighbors and beyond.


Each piece of polymer clay jewelry is handmade and designed by me. My personal style is eclectic and I like for my collections to reflect that notion. There is truly a piece for everyone here at WJCO. Whether you like big and bold or small and simple-- Woodlawn Jewelry Co will be there for you! 

Additionally, custom orders are close to my heart and I love to work with you to create your own special pair of earrings or necklace. Feel free to email me and reach out about an idea you might have or a request and change you would like to make to an existing style! My heart is for creating beautiful jewelry and serving my neighbors near and far. 


Thank you for shopping Woodlawn Jewelry Co and taking the time to learn a little bit more about our start and our heart!